Steel Fabricating

Steel Fabricating

Steel Fabricating

Steel fabricating work is something that I’m passionate about, from developing & designing to building and painting the final finished product…I enjoy the entire creative process. I believe most fabricators are artists to some degree because each project has a very distinct way to do each process from preparing the metals to fitting, bracing and welding it all together.

People over the past 35+ years have brought me their ideas usually on paper or life size templates to help me see what they are wanting to create. I have felt blessed to be involved in that creative process and perhaps add to an already good idea to make it even better.

Using hand tools to first measure, layout and conceptualize the materials begins the cutting, torching, drilling, tapping, bending, grinding & welding wheel of motion the project is taken on. The finish may involve simple primer or painting, powder coating, hot dip galvanizing or even chroming for your Harley Davidson parts, regardless, quality workmanship cannot be covered up.

I believe one of the most fulfilling endeavors a human being can find along this journey called life is to thoroughly enjoy what you do for a living.This has and continues to be the case for me the past 37 years.

I’ve always said “ If you can draw it, I can build it” but I think now even if you can’t communicate the idea onto paper I will be able to get what you’re wanting to do in a simple conversation or pointing it out in a basic comparative example.

Whether it’s made out of steel, stainless or aluminium matters little to me, it’s only important that you’re happy with the end product and that you say to your friends “I know a guy named Dave who can build or make anything from metal”.

Bring me your stuff to fix or build and I am in my element once again.

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