Steel Erecting

Steel erecting and accomplishing difficult and often dangerous aerial installations is something I have become passionate about over the years and I purposely look for these challenging projects in my travels.

It takes a certain skill set to plan and carry out intricate aerial work safely and on budget. With my own past experience as a crane operator & rigger in sawmill & pulpmill construction I have a thorough grasp on aerial hoisting & rigging techniques which has proved invaluable on my industrial installation projects. Whether working 20 ft up out of a small scissorlift connecting crane runway steel or setting up multiple large mobile cranes to install a powerhouse exhaust  stack 200ft off the ground, we’re up for the challenge every time. We will  use mobile cranes rigged with two winches and multiple spreader bars to rotate fragile equipment in mid air or incorporate large manual chain hoists to help us land large machinery into elevated doorways.

Every lift is carried out in a safe, planned fashion by journeymen Ironworkers and riggers that know how to communicate to crane operators properly. Working out of crane held man baskets  high in the air is something we never get tired of doing for our industrial customers. We have good established connections with much of the mobile crane & aerial equipment industry and can bring in the right equipment to site usually within a couple days notice.

I encourage you to contact me with any aerial work challenges that you may be facing and I will personally plan & oversee the work, bringing over 30 years of aerial installation work experience to the table.

Bring it on !

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