Pipe Welding and Fabrication

Flying J Sign Post

Flying J Sign Post

Pro-Fab Industrial Services has been pipe welding, designing & fabricating with Steel Pipe for well over three decades. Just like our Structural Steel crane runway systems that are generally made from wide flange I beam or square tubing, Steel pipe is another medium used to design build a wide array of structural projects.

As seen here in our pipe portfolio we have worked with tons of pipe ranging from small half inch diameter clear up to huge 48” spiral welded pipe we used on the bottom portion of the Flying J signpost in Hope BC.

All types of pipe steel is used in the structural steel industry to accomplish a wide range of design functions from Jib crane pipe support columns to 12” diameter spouting delivering grain from a bucket elevator into a grain holding bin to transporting processed air, gas, solids & liquids in all types of production facilities. Because of the diverse diameters and wall thicknesses available pipe will always be a material widely used in the industrial sector.

Let us know if you have a pipe project in mind that we can help bring from the design stage into physical reality.

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